Punderson State Park

I left the reunion with a new copilot, my grandson Johnny. Heading west we stopped at Punderson State Park to make several visits and to get Johnny up to speed with setting up the motorhome.

They made a lot of upgrades to the lodge and cabin area at Punderson.
We did have dinner there but I forgot to take my camera!

Site 16 only has 20 amp service. Johnny will have to learn to read the inside amp meter and when he how to turn electrical things (toaster, AC, ..) on or off to keep the load less than 20 amps.

Getting ready to go down to the lake behind us.

It is a steep and muddy trail - it rained last night.

A view of the lodge across the lake.

It looks real nice. We plan to eat dinner there tonight so lets go over and check it out.

We also noticed new large cabins

The pool has been remodeled and a new fence installed. The life guard is very lonely.
She said that the temperature of the water was 83 degrees.

The indoor pool is being upgraded.

The dining room and its patio overlook the lake. Lots of flowers.

Looking over at our campsite across the lake.
Our motorhome is that white spec (dash) in the center of the picture.

Zooming in on the white spec, you can see parts of the motorhome.

I stopped to visit Mom and Dad.

Then Elmer.

The last time I visited Karen & Steve their flowers looked really bad. So I went out and bought some real flowers. When I entered the mausoleum I noticed a sign NO REAL FLOWERS. So this time I brought silk roses; 2 red, 2 white, and 1 orange. It really dressed it up.

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