Visiting Michelle at Purdue

The drive from Dayton was short. The campground we wanted was booked solid - it was the first day of freshman arrival. So we ended up about 30 minutes away from campus.

Michelle gave us a nice long walking tour of the campus followed by a driving tour. Of patictular interest to me was the tour of her lab. We met with her fellow workers and discussed the projects they were working. We saw videos of road problems and airport taxiway problems and the data they are collecting.

They also opened up a traffic light controller cabinet. There is one at most intersections which are controlled by traffic lights. They pulled printed wire boards so I could see the board style used (they are VME) and circuitry. They stated that the hardware used does not change very often. I could see that the cabinets could be greatly reduced if modern circuits were used. But for what it is being used for, the existing equipment is sufficient.

We also had a great lunch at the Triple X diner. They make their own root beer. It was very good - Johnny had 5 glasses.

Relaxing at the Crawfordsville KOA after arriving from Dayton.

Johnny texting after a dip in the pool.

Meeting Michelle at her house.

Time to head for Purdue.

Can't pass the entrance without a picture.

Meeting her co-workers in the lab.

It was surprising to see how large a traffic light really is.

Purdue's Ross-Ade Stadium

Keady Court in Mackey Arena

Johnny takes a foul shot.

One of the fountains on a beautiful campus.

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