Budweiser Tour Part 2

We went on two tours: Day Fresh Tour and Beer School.

"Day Fresh" Tour is an eye-opening look at the journey of a beer from “Seed to Sip.” Guests will start the tour with a visit to the Budweiser Clydesdale Paddock and Stables, and then visit the Beechwood Aging Cellar, historic Brewhouse, BEVO Packaging Facility and more. This experience lasts approximately 75 minutes.

"Beer School" is a fun and interactive 45-minute class that introduces you to a variety of beer styles, ingredients, proper pouring techniques and food-pairing suggestions.

Between tours we had lunch in the beer garden.
As I mentioned earlier, I forgot to bring my camera; so all of the pictures are from Johnny's cell phone.

Clydesdale Paddock

One of the famous Budweiser wagons in the Clydesdale stable.

Primary Fermentation tanks.

Beechwood chips used in the second fermentation.
Also called Beechwood Lagering. The tanks are behind the speaker.

Watching the packaging process.
They are running Bud Light on all lines today; glass bottles, metal bottles, and cans.
We each received a metal bottle of Bud Light from today’s line.

Some of the buildings in this complex.

All of our walking was downhill from the visitors center. Here comes the bus to take us back.
We did climb many flights of stairs in several of the buildings.

Johnny's glass of beer while waiting for our lunch at the beer garden.

Getting ready for our Beer Class.

What the instructor is going to talk about.

We already talked about our first beer, Budweiser. Johnny forgot to take a picture before he drank it.

Johnny receiving his certificate from our instructor.

How the Budweiser bottle and label has changed over the years.

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