Gateway Arch National Monument - Saint Louis, Missouri

The Gateway Arch Monument grounds are being completely redone. The old museum and parking lots have been removed. New roadways, walkways, amphitheater, and parking facilities will be built. Hence, there is presently no place to park. So we had to find room in one of the offsite parking lots and walk to the monument. The good thing is that it kept the crowds down.

We could not asked for a better day. Sunny with minimum clouds and we could see for miles from top of the arch.

Approaching the Arch on Interstate 44.
Johnny took this picture the day before with his cell phone.

The walkway to the monument was between two chain link fences. The construction was on the other side.

Waiting for the tram to the top. Each tram car holds five people tightly packed.

Waiting for the last person to get on board.

Looking out a viewing window.

We were lucky. We got there early and had a very short wait for the tram.
There were very few people at the top when we arrived.

We had a great time.

Busch Stadium, Home of the Saint Louis Cardinals.

Looking west - The domed building is the old courthouse.

Looking east across the Mississippi River - the Casino Queen.

Looking north up Interstate 44 - Edward Jones Dome, Home to the St. Louis Rams.
There is a corner parking lot just to the right of I-44. My Saturn VUE is parked there.

Zooming in on the parking lot. My Saturn is the second car in the center section.
It has a sun reflector in the windshield and is parked next to a pickup truck.

Looking back at the arch from the parking lot.

Looking at the arch from the Casino Queen.

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