Visiting Isaac and Gabe in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
August 23 - 26

We eliminated two stops along the way. So we arrived in Steamboat two days early. Isaac already asked off for the later days; so he had to work the first two of the four we were here. Also, we were pleasantly surprised by Gabe. We thought he was still in Oregon.

Johnny driving the motorhome.

We passed Fort Riley in Kansas. Johnny was driving and asked me to take a picture.

Johnny is driving on I-70 in Colorado on the way to Steamboat Springs.
Road construction ahead and single lane. He did great.

Heading north on highway 9 in a valley which is at 8000 feet above sea level.

Standing on a foot/bike bridge over the Yampa river. Isaac giving us a tour of Steamboat Springs.
Ski jumps in the background.

Tubers riding the Yampa river.

Having lunch with Isaac, Johnny, Gabe, and Kaleah.

Celebrating Johnny’s birthday at a very good restaurant, E3.’s Chop House.
A view of the Yampa river. Outstanding food!

Same picture, but using a flash.

Look at the size of the baked potatoes.

A fully load baked potatoe. Even the skin was good.

My medium-rare tuna steak. (I forgot to take a picture of Johnny's ribeye steak.)

A better view of my meal.

Downtown Steamboat Springs.

A view of the trails of Steamboat Springs Ski Resort.

Our last dinner in Steamboat. The 8th Street Steakhouse.
You have to grill your own steak. Mine was great!

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