Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs are located about seven miles north of Steamboat Springs. Two of those miles are on a washboard dirt road. It took about 25 minutes to make the drive from the campground.

The park is in a beautiful and remote setting. It is made up of 4 large stone walled pools each at a different elevation. Each pool is 3 to 5 feet deep and with a sandy bottom. Each of the pools are linked to the next lower pool

Pool 1: The highest elevation pool is a cold water pool. It is fed from a small mountain stream. It is used to shock yourself back to normal after you get yourself limp in one of the hot pools.

Pool 2: The next pool down is the hottest pool. It has a constant feed from the hot springs up on the side of the mountain. They try to maintain this pool at 105 degrees. That is done by controlling the flow from the cold water pool. While we were there the water temperature was measured at 106 degrees. So a wheel on the gate controlling the flow of cold water was unlocked and the wheel turned a half turn and relocked.

Pool 3: The next pool down receives a constant flow from the hottest pool. It felt a couple of degrees cooler.

Pool 4: The last and largest pool receives a constant flow from pool 3 and also a small flow from pool 1, the cold water pool. We started in this pool and quickly worked our way up to the hottest pool.

Johnny was the only one of us to jump in the cold water pool.

The 4 pools. The cold water pool is in the foreground. Not too many people enjoy the cold water.
There are flowers and wooden chairs and lounges located all around.

The hottest pool, Pool 2, is located in lower right of the picture.
Its water flows through the small opening in the wall to Pool 3.

Johnny and Gabe getting into a warm pool.

Gabe, Kaleah, and Johnny enjoying the hot water.

The water flowing from Pool 2 to Pool 3.

Johnny sitting on one of the many underwater stone benches lining the walls.

Johnny comming up for air.

Kaleah and Gabe resting.

One of the very hot streams direct from the hot springs up the mountain.

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