Garden of the Gods with Johnny - Colorado Springs - August 28, 2015

Our trip here from Steamboat was uneventful. US 40 was a much better road than CO 9. It was longer mileage wise. But due to the long construction on CO 9, much shorter time wise. We have some interesting things to see here at Colorado Springs.

Judy and I enjoyed Garden of the Gods in 2006. So Johnny and I decided to try and find a couple of places Mom posed for a picture.

We started our hike through the Garden at the north entrance.
As you can see the main trails are like sidewalks.

It did not take long for us to investigate the side trails.

Up and over the rockpile.

Looking back down the trail. You can see people on the main trail in the small notch in the trees.

Looking up the trail we see the Cathedral Spires. That is our next objective.

Zooming in on Spires.

On the way to the spires we passed this rock formation.

We are almost to the spires.

Johnny is on top of the spires.

Looking out over the valley below.

Getting out of the sun.

Looking back at where we started.

Johnny left the spires and headed off trail to the next mound.

Zooming in on Johnny.

On the way back to the main trail he came upon this sign.

Another great view.

Kissing Camels.

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