Garden of the with Johnny - part 2 - August 28, 2015

The number of good pictures from Garden of the Gods, which I want to post, is too large for one part. So here is part 2.

Mom and I were here August 10, 2006. I decided to look for two spots which Mom really liked. How much can things change in nine years?

At the first spot, Mom was sitting on a bench on the garden loop, looking at the view in front of her and praying. I took the picture from behind her. I felt that by just walking the loop we would find the bench and take a picture. Johnny had his smart phone and he dialed up and looked up that picture. So we had a picture to reference. And we were on our way. Joohnny wanted a picture of him standing at the same spot with his arm set as if he had his hand on Mom's shoulder. He would then ask Iris to photoshop him into Mom's picture.

The second spot would be a little harder to find. I did not know the name of the rock formation. But felt it had something to do with a keyhole. Looking at the map of Garden of the Gods we found Keyhole Window. So we found a close parking spot. The only trail we could find in that area was called Ridge Trail and we started to hike. We could see, what we thought, a possible hole in the boulder way up on top of a very high rock formation. As we hiked we had to leave the trail to go in the direction of the mound. In a little while the trail really got hard. I knew that it was not the right trail and that Mom and I probably hiked in from the other side. So we decided to return to the car. We went to the visitors center and I showed them a picture of Mom and me on Johnny’s phone. They knew right away where it was; The Siamese Twins. While we were at the visitors center I found a cup and magnet with that rock formation on it. Mom was 67 years old at the time. The trails up to the formations were hard climbs; I do not remember her ever complaining.

Mom's picture from 2006.

The wooden benches have been replaced with large slab rock benches. Also a wooden rail fence has been put up to keep people on the trail. The spot where we think Mom sat did not have a bench; but it did have crushed gravel where the bench probably was. Here I am sighting in the picture.

I know that Mom is sitting next to me.

Johnny wanting to put his hand on Grandma's shoulder.

After Iris photoshopped him in.

As we headed back to the car we noticed a climber on the side of a rock formation.

Zooming in ong the climber.

Here is the side view. It is a very narrow rock formation.

Most of the rock is red. Here is one of the white ones.

Johnny under Balanced Rock.

Leaving the Garden of the Gods.

Coming back into the Garden.

Trying to push a rock formation over.

Another view of the valley.

Siamese Twins Trail head. No bikes, just hikers and horseback.

The Siamese Twins

Our 2006 picture. Note the side view of the head above me. It has a nose, chin, cheeks, and eye.

Mom is here with me.

Pikes Peak is in the background.

She came riding up as we were taking pictures.

The horse trail is a longer but not as steep trail.

Johnny looking out the back of the formation.

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