Pikes Peak - August 30, 2015

We are able to see the top of Pikes Peak (14,110 ft.) from our campground (6200 ft.). We want to ride the cog railway to the top and you have to make reservations in advance. The weather changes fast and the forecasts are not that dependable. It could be raining at the top of Pikes Peak and sunny at our campground. So we looked at the forcast, made reservations and kept our fingers crossed.

The standard cog train is a long dual car which has an flexable joint in the middle. On busy days they add a second smaller car. The computer assigns the seats so you cannot request a window seat. We really lucked out with our seats and the weather.

Pikes Peak viewed from the campground. The back of our motorhome is on the right.

Zooming in on the top of Pikes Peak. The long dual car train is approaching the summit. The short train is already on top. The cars are red with white tops.

While waiting for the train we noticed a trail going up the side of an adjacent mountain.
The trail was made up of steps. More to follow about this later.

Leaving the depot and heading to the top. Johnny and I got window seats in the small train. We looked out at the dual car following us. Our train was slower so it left about 5 minutes before the long train.

Passing a falls on the way to the top.

There were large bolders on both sides of the tracks.

Passing a work car on the siding.

The long train is slowly catching us.

We are now above the tree line and still climbing.

Passing Bighorn Sheep as we approach the top.

A working gold mine off in the distance.

The cog rides in the center rail. The center rail has to be replaced every three years.

Pieces of the center rail after they were replaced. You can see the wear on the downward side of the gear.

We made it to the top.
Beacuse of the change in altitude, it is at least 30 to 35 degrees cooler up here than at the campground.

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