Pikes Peak - August 30, 2015

While on the cog railway, the conductor talked about the history of the rail, people who lived along its tracks long ago, and how the environment changes with altitude.

I made it to the top also.

Johnny standing on the edge of the summit.

Garden of the Gods as viewed from the top of Pikes Peak.

The last patch of snow on top of Pikes Peak.

Looking north from the summit.

It is almost time to get back on the train and return to the depot.

Where Johnny and I sat on the train.

On the way down we had a front window and side window.

The long train car is heading down before us.

The Pikes Peak highway. These two girls rode their bikes up the 17 mile highway and almost 8,000' climb.

The long train waiting for a train coming up from the depot to pass.

After the up bound train passed we continued on down.

Garden of the Gods as viewed from the train.

I am not sure what's holding up some of these rock piles which we are passing under.

3.5 hours later we are back at the depot.

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