Touring the Air Force Academy

We were very fortunate to have personal guides at the academy. My son, Mark, put us in touch with Mike, one of the men who he works with. Mike graduated (1981) from the academy and served in the Air Force.

Mike’s son-in-law, Kris, is also in the Air Force and is a math professor (PhD) at the academy. Kris invited us to sit in on one of his classes; after witch he would give us a tour of the academy.

Mike felt that things may have changed since he graduated and that Kris would be the better guide.

Thanks to Kris and Mike, it was an outstanding day.

The day before our tour of the academy, Johnny found a very good restaurant.

As visitors approach the academy, the first thing you see is the sports fields.

Mike showing me the sports fielsd.

Johnny has to stand on the basketball court...

.. and take a foul shot.

Activity at the indoor track.

Attending math class.

Kris handing back test results.
I could tell that he was well liked by the cadets and that he really enjoyed teaching math.

The dining hall seats over 4000 cadets. There are 400 tables, each seat 10 cadets.
All tables are set the same way. All cadets must be seated before food is served.

We arrived at the dinning hall and left just before most of the cadets arrived.

Johnny and I with Major Kris in front of the chapel.

Mike showing me his 1981 class emblem.

Kris explaining that the freshmen can only walk on the white marble stones.

Inside the main chapel. It is used for protestant services.

The organ and choir area n the main chapel.

All other faiths have their services here in the basement of the chapel.

Air Force Academy Stadium. They played Morgan State the next weekend and killed them.

Mike is taking a picture of Johnny.

Go Navy!

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