Garden of the Gods with Marge - Part 1.

I picked up Marge at the airport the same day Johnny flew home. She spent the first day in awe looking at the Rocky Mountains from the car while driving from the Denver airport to the campground in Manitou Springs, which is west of Colorado Springs.

The next day was a beautiful sunny day just right for hiking in the Garden of the Gods state park.

There are several ways to hike in the garden.
1. Walk on the paved sidewalk trails which are relatively smooth and flat.
2. Hike on some of the dirt sidewalk trails which have steps and are not flat.
3. Hike off the main trail on paths which climb over and around boulders.
4. Climb the vertical cliffs Technical Climbing requires equipment and a permit.

Like I did with Johnny, we started on 1 then quickly progressed to 2 and 3.
Knowing the problems Marge had with her knees I was surprised to see her take to climbing over the boulders. We spent a good 3 hours hiking and climbing. She had a great time.

The main trail head on the south end of the park. - Walking on this sidewalk will be easy!

She loved the rock formations.

Sometimes the sidewalks get busy.

Marge noticed someone climbing on one of the rock formations.

Using the telephoto lens we can see him better.

This is a very narrow formation.

He was climbing with a woman. We saw them climb four different formations while we were hiking today. Marge waved to him and he waved back.

We left the sidewalk and started climbing to the base of one formation.
This isn't so hard!

Marge telling a boulder to stay where it is and let her go by.

Isn't there an easier way to get up there?

Time to take a picture of the two of us.

That's enough of a rest Marge. The next climb will be harder.

We will take these steps part way then leave the trail and do more climbing.

Where is the elevator?

Marge having a well deserved rest.

I can see Pikes Peak from here.

1. The sidewalk where we left the crowd.
2. The notch we climbed up and over. (Where I set up the tripod.)
Marge kept saying that she could not believe how beautiful it is and "I am here to see it!"

Now we are moving to the other side of the formation.

Thank you for bringing me here.

Still more climbing.

I had to have a picture where Johnny sat.

It is still here Johnny.

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