Garden of the Gods with Marge - Part 2.

Because the Garden of the Gods Park was so close to our campground we actually went there three times. One time was just to have lunch at the visitors center and to stare at the garden while we ate. It really is a beautiful sight. Every time we look at it we seem to see something new.

This is a telephoto picture from the loop road, taken on the day we went for lunch.
In the foreground is the notch we climbed through. The formation in the background was the highest one we climbed on.

Walking on the sidewalk in the area where Mom sat on the bench in 2006.

This is the climber who waved to Marge. He is a professional climber. She hired him for the day to be her climbing guide. She did scale this formation without slipping. He is just holding the safety line in case she would slip and fall. From time to time he would make a recommendation, but she really climbed it herself.

This was the forth climb of the day for her. On the first two climbs, he went first and she followed. He had to see how good of a climber she was before letting her climb alone. The next two climbs he went up and set the safety line and she then climbed by herself.

At the Garden of the Gods visitors center. It is not on the park property. When the land was donated to the state, it was stipulated that the only buildings which could be added are those necessary to maintain the park. Since the visitors center is not needed to maintain the park it had to be built on adjacent land.
The rain storm in the background is hiding Pikes Peak.

This is a picture from my camera. Its color is truer.
Marge's camera washes out the color a little.

Not all of the formations are red. Here is a white formation.

When we look at a formation we see different things. What do you see on top of this formation?

We saw a buffalo.

Marge (in pink) making her way to the Balance Rock.

Everyone has their own idea of what to do for a picture.

Marge just likes to sit and look at it.

Seeing how far I can go in without getting stuck.

Our last trip to the park was to the very north end. A rain storm was coming our way so we wanted to take a few quick pictures and get back to the motorhome.

A close-up of the storm.

It is raining over there but the sun is still shining here.

It is time to leave. The rain is almost here.

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