A Drive on Gold Camp Road and a Visit to Seven Falls

On our last day in the Colorado Springs area we decided to just drive around in the mountains. I looked at a map of the area and it identified the Gold Camp Road as a scenic drive. So away we go.

The road started out as a normal city street with two large lanes plus parking on both sides. Then it narrowed to a tight two lane road. Then it changed from blacktop to gravel; then a dirt one lane road. And all that time it kept going up, up, and up; and around, around, and around. When a car came in the opposite direction we had to find a place to squeeze around.

Looking north from an overlook. Garden of the Gods is in the center left.

Telephoto of Garden of the Gods.

The tall buildings are in downtown Colorado Springs.

As we drove along we came to this tunnel.

We stopped to let a car go by.

The inside walls are very rough.

The road is very narrow at times.

It is a very interesting drive with outstanding views.

As we finished the trip on Gold Camp Road, we saw signs for Seven Falls.
We decided to check that out.

Seven Falls
It is a series of seven cascading waterfalls located at the end of a 1,250-foot-wall narrow box canyon.
The falls can be viewed from the “Eagles Nest” a perch on the side of the cliff. There are two ways to get to the Eagles Nest; climb 185 steps or take the elevator. The steps are divided into three flights with rest platforms after each flight. The first two flights have 70 steps each and the last flight has 45 steps.
We elected to take the elevator up and the stairs down.

There is also a set of 224 steps which climb up alongside the falls. This allows you to view the falls from above. There is a rest platform after 100 steps and another near the top.

The upper rest platform is behind the trees.
The entrance to the cave which leads to the elevator is to the right of the steps.

The cave entrance to the elevator.

Let's go up!

The view from the nest.

The view in the opposite direction.

Looking at the top half of the falls.

There are seven small waterfalls. When you put them all together, it is quite scenic.

There are rocking chairs down at the bottom. Let's head down.

Looking in another direction. It's all mountains.

Marge is leaving the upper rest platform on her way down.
She just completed 45 steps – only 140 steps more.

She very carefully steps down onto the lower rest platform.

Starting on the last 70 steps.

I'm waiting at the bottom for her.

On the way to the bottom of the falls we pass the restaurant and this river which is flowing from the falls.
Marge is looking at the large fish swimming around.

We made it to the rocking chairs.

There are 224 steps going up along side the falls. I made it half way up this flight of 100 steps.

That was enough.

Marge took a turn at climbing.....

and decided she liked the rocking chair better.

Waiting for the tram to take us back.
We did not eat at the restaurant - the lunch menu was not that great and the dinner menu was not out yet.

On the way back to the motorhome we passed these deer having dinner.

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