Rocky Mountain National Park - Part 1
Elk Meadow RV Resort, Estes Park, Colorado

It was hard leaving the Colorado Springs area. We had such a good time viewing the area, everywhere we turned there seemed to be something we could not take our eyes off.

But we are looking forward to seeing the Rocky Mountain National Park. The ride here took us on very scenic highways which twisted and turned in the canyons and climbed over the mountains.

We spent 3 nights at Elk Meadow RV Resort in Estes Park. The resort is 7,750 feet above sea level. The National Park sits above that level.

September 9 - We arrived and setup the motorhome before 1 PM. So we had most of the afternoon to explore. As usual, our first stop at the National Park is its Visitor Center to get the latest information and possibly view any videos they have about the Park. I was here before and looked forward to showing Marge some of the sites and seeing the wildlife.

Heading into Moraine Park hopefully to view elk in the meadow.

Zooming in on the mountains in the distance.

Sighting our first elk. A large bull. I think he is wondering what we are doing in his domain.

He lost interest in us and is moving on.

It is time for a late lunch. It is hard to put the camera down and eat.

This Magpie kept eyeing us. Hoping that we would drop some food.

Not much activity today in the Moraine Park area, so we decided to drive up to the Alpine Visitor Center. It is located on the Trail Ridge road at 11,796 feet above sea level. The highest point on Trail Ridge road is 12,183 feet above sea level. We will pass over that spot on the way to the visitor center. Trail Ridge road reaches the highest elevation for a US through highway. (Pikes Peak is a dead-end - not a through highway)

The Rainbow Curve Viewpoint - 10,875 feet elevation.
It is getting very cool and windy. But the sun feels good.

The view from Rainbow Curve Viewpoint.
You can see how the Trail Ridge Road winds its way up the mountain from the valley below.

A Clark's Nutcracker looking for a handout at the viewpoint.

At the Forest Canyon Overlook - 11,758 feet elevation. We had to put on jackets - too cold and windy.
We can look in all four directions and see mountains above us.

Marge can't believe how beautiful it looks. She keeps thanking me for bring her on this trip.

You can see a car as it climbs to the highest point on the road.

And if you look down you get to see something else if you take the time.

It is easier to see the elk with a telephoto lens.

They are also in the bushes.

He is overlooking his harem.

Like I said, mountains in every direction.

As we approached the valley below we even saw Mule Deer.

This picture and the following pictures were taken on Trail Ridge Road the next day.
September 10 - It was after we drove up on the Old Fall River Road. It is still cold and windy.

At this elevation there is only tundra. We are on Trail Ridge Road heading back toward the campground.
The highest point is still ahead.

Looking down into Forest Canyon from the road.

We are nearing the highest point and my photographer is ready.

The highest point is on that bend up ahead - 12,183 feet.

Looking down into the valley we can see elk near where we saw them yesterday.

Rock Cut - elevation 12,178 feet. We are now on the way down.

One last look before we head below the timberline.

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