Rocky Mountain National Park - Part 3
Bear Lake and a final trip in Moraine Park.

Another sunny day and a lovely drive to Bear Lake. It is our last day here and we wanted to take a hike around Bear Lake. It was a very interesting hike, but a little too crowded. Up to now we have been almost alone on our hikes.

Bear Lake is ringed with mountains. There is no wind today and the lake is like glass.

The aspens are starting to turn yellow at this elevation - 9,450 feet.

Each mountain has a different look.

Hallett Peak - Looks like one massive rock.

It looks like a giant was using it as a slide.

Enjoying a sunny day up at the lake.

Looking up at an old rock slide, we see various shades of fall.
These aspen are the first trees to show the fall colors. They are also the first to root in the rock slide.
These rocks will eventually be covered by the forest.
The green on the rocks is lichen. We also saw yellow, orange, and white lichen while walking around the lake.

Mountains everywhere we looked.

The trail was generally flat.

This Steller's Jay kept following us.

Interesting patterns in the rock and green lichen growing on it.

What a great day!

Looking at the lake while waiting for Marge to catch up.
We both tend to stop and look at things without telling each other.

Enjoying listening to the quiet.

The Buffalo rub against trees. I like rocks.

The weeds in the water are growing in about a foot of water. They grows up and then lays flat on the surface.

Acording to the trail book: This tree is in line with a notch in the mountain side. In the winter the snow builds up in the notch. as it starts to melt it slides down the mountain and into this tree. The weight of the snow forces the tree to bend and grow in this shape.

The trail winds between trees and rock formations.

We are almost at the end of the trail. We found someone to take our picture.

Fall colors are appearing across the lake.

The Steller's Jay is still following us around the lake.

I think it is time to say goodbye.

Leaving Bear Lake we are on the way back to Moraine Park to look for elk.
We spend a lot of time looking at the cloud shapes to see what each of us think they look like.

These may be the same elk we saw two days ago.

Maybe he recognizes us.

This little guy is resting in the shade.

We hit it good today. This bull was rubbing his rack on the tree. I took some good video of him.

Part of his harem are resting in the trees.

The bull who was rubbing against the tree, left the tree and started to round up some more ladies who were wondering too far into the meadow.

It seems that there is no limit to the number of ladies for this bull.

We could hear him yelling at them. They slowly moved back to where he wanted them.
This was a great ending to our stay at Rocky Mountain National Park.

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