Yellowstone National Park - Part 2.
Old Faithful

Our first stop in Yellowstone Park was at Upper Geyser Basin. It is the location where most of the largest geysers in the park are located. A sign outside the Old Faithful Inn gives the approximate time for Old Faithful’s next eruption. We had 15 minutes to get to the viewing area.

Old Faithful erupts every 35 to 120 minutes for 1 1/2 to 5 minutes, expels 3,700 - 8,400 gallons of boiling water, and reaches heights of 106 - 184 feet.

Old Faithful “plays” prior to an eruption with splashes of boiling water that may reach as high as 20 feet. A full eruption usually begins from this play. Once the eruption starts, the splashes grow larger and larger until the eruption reaches its full height. The height of the water begins waning shortly, but the eruption may continue in small splashes for as long as five minutes.

It is not the biggest or the most regular geyser in Yellowstone but it is the biggest regular geyser. Furthermore, it has been erupting in nearly the same fashion throughout the recorded history of the park. Through the years, it has become one of the most studied geysers. One result of this close observation is that the Park Rangers are able to predict its eruptions fairly accurately (plus or minus 10 minutes). This makes Old Faithful one of the easiest geysers in Yellowstone to see.

The time to the next eruption, the interval, is predicted using the duration of the current eruption. The duration is timed from the first heavy surge which lifts water skyward at the start of the eruption until the last small splash above the cone at the very end. The longer the eruption lasts, the longer the interval until the next eruption. For instance, a 2 minute eruption results in an interval of about 55 minutes whereas a 4.5 minute eruption results in an interval of about 90 minutes.

It is not possible to predict more than one eruption in advance.

Waiting for Old Faithful to erupt. This is the left side of the viewing stand.
The steam rising up in the distance is from Old Faithful.

It is a long semicircle viewing stand with 5 rows of seats with people standing 4 or 5 deep behind.

The people in the front seats arrived 30 to 45 minutes early.

Still waiting!

It is starting to "play."

It is building up.

and up.

There she goes. I switched to video mode.
The video files are too large to put on mekkerfest - sorry.

It only took 10 minutes for everyone to clear out.

Marge is back there taking a picture of me. Old Faithful Inn has the flags on its roof.
Old Faithful Inn - Built in 1903-1904 with local logs and stone, is considered the largest log structure in the world. The towering lobby features a massive stone fireplace and a hand-crafted clock made of copper, wood and wrought iron serving as focal points. With 327 rooms, the Old Faithful Inn features a full-service restaurant, lounge, snack bar, gift shop and daily tours.

The front desk.

Unique pillars hold up each floor.

The stone fireplace and clock.

Notice the steps and how the railings are supported above the steps.

The first, second, and third floors are occupied.

It looks like a penthouse up on the sixth floor.

It is not serviced with an elevator; it probably does not have room service either.

Interesting water fountain.
We did have a nice lunch in the dining room. I forgot to take pictures.

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