Yellowstone National Park - Part 4.
Heading back to the motorhome after our first day at Yellowstone.

We had a very full and long day and it is time to head back. We are on the loop road on the west side of Yellowstone Park. We will be going across the center of the figure eight to get to the east entrance. It is after 5 PM and we have a good three hours drive to get to our motorhome in Cody.

The drive through the center of the figure eight was very interesting and it took much longer than I planned.

There was an antique car club driving around the loop road. They drew as much interest as the geysers.

He had to add water to the radiator before continuing.

She was the only elk we saw on our first day.

A downstream view of the valley from the Virginia Cascades parking lot.

The Virginia Cascades
They are only 60 feet high but it is a nice view. Note the dead trees across the canyon.

When we left the cascades we came to a meadow which had a herd of buffalo. It was getting late so we only stopped long enough to take a few pictures. Whenever you see buffalo near the road there are always cars stopping to take pictures. So this herd of buffalo was causing the start of a bottleneck.

When we passed over the next hill, we came to this temporary sign in the middle of a meadow.
We could only see one lone buffalo and he was a long way off.
We thought they put the sign in the wrong spot. The traffic slowed.

We approached another hill and the cars were moving even slower. When we passed over the hill we saw a much larger herd and the traffic was at a standstill. You can see the line of traffic in my rearview mirror.

Now the buffalo were on both sides of the road.

They could care less about us. This must be a good place for them to eat.

Now they think the grass is better on the other side.
You never knew when a buffalo would decide to cross the road. They knew we had brakes and this was their land! One would start over then one or two more would follow.

I stuck the camera out of the drivers window and took a picture of the line of cars behind me.
We were barely moving.

When we passed over the next rise we could see the problem. It was a major crossing for the buffalo.
They even had a ranger directing traffic. But the buffalo were not paying attention.

Two of the buffalo, which just crossed over, decided to go back to the other side. The ranger, who was controlling traffic, jumped in his car and started to approach the buffalo. He was making loud noises on the cars loudspeaker.

I guess they did not like the noise and turned around and went back.

A ranger, who was in the line ahead of us in a pickup truck, also pulled out to block the crossing.
I was waiting for the buffalo to try and cross where that motorcycle was. I am sure if they did the motorcycle would make a quick u-turn and get out of there.
As you can see, most of the traffic is heading east. It seems that the east side of Yellowstone has more hotels, lodges, and campgrounds than the west side.

15 minutes after we passed the buffalo crossing we came to a group of cars parked along both sides of the highway. We stopped and got out to see what was happening and talked to a fellow who had a spotter’s scope. There was a Gray Wolf eating a kill way down the hill near the river. We looked through his scope and saw the wolf. By the time I got my camera zoomed in and focused he or she walked off. The fellow told me to wait around for about a half hour and the wolf or its mate will be back. But the light was fading and we had to leave. While I was there I noticed this bald eagle sitting in a tree watching the wolf. So not all was lost.

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