Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming

We stayed 2 nights at the Bighorn Mountain KOA in Sheridan, Wyoming, and made a day trip up to the Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana. The day we left the campground and headed east toward Devils Tower we looked up into the Bighorn Mountains and saw a coating of snow. Two days before, we had to travel over those mountains from Cody. We passed over a 9,038 foot pass. I am sure glad that it wasn’t snowing at that time. My motorhome is not very stable in the snow. It is nice to be in this 4,000 foot valley looking up at the mountains.

The drive from Sheridan to Devils Tower was very pleasant. There wasn't much traffic and we passed through wide open spaces with cattle, sheep, and pronghorn antelope scattered throughout the hills. Every now and then we would see a ranch house off in the distance.

Devils Tower is located in eastern Wyoming in an area of small hills. This huge tower can be seen for miles before you get there.

Looking at the snow in the Bighorn Mountains while on our way heading to Devils Tower.

Devils Tower

Driving into the National Monument we stopped and were inspected by the local black-tailed prairie dogs.

Looking up at the tower from the visitor center parking lot.

Starting on the trail we were all smiles.

I thought she said it was flat! We have been climbing for a long time!
I think what she meant was that the trail was flat like a sidewalk. But it did have it's ups and downs.

It really was a very scenic trail.

Every now and then there was an opening in the trees and we would see for miles.

We rounded one bend and saw people sitting on the trai and looking up.
One of the ladies sitting there said that her husband is climbing the tower with her 13 year old son.
I had my medium zoom (12X) camera and was able to get some good pictures.

He is helping his son up to a rest area.

Discussing what comes next.

We continued on around the tower and came upon a viewing area. There was a telescope pointed toward the tower.
A sign told of a farmer who, many years ago, climbed the tower and in the process installed a wooden ladder.
You can see it in this picture. It looks like a rope hanging down a gash in the tower.

Looking back where we came from. The father and son are still climbing. Can you see them?

Here is a closer shot. Dad started up. You need strong hands and feet for this climb.
I left my long zoom (35X) in the motorhome. I am not happy with it's auto focus. Cannon goofed on that camera.

We came to a clearing where we could see (12X zoom) our motorhome in the campground.

After awhile we get tired of taking pictures of rocks!

Leaving the monument we had one final inspection.

Our second day at the monument we decided to head for Sundance, Wyoming, to visit their museum.
(Once around the tower is enough!) This is the view looking back at the tower.
Marge read about the museum and it really sounded interesting. When we arrived at Sundance the museum was closed.
I guess if there isn't much business they close it!

Marge shaking hands with the Sundance Kid.

The local jail was open for viewing.

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