Sailing on Oneida Lake

My son invited Terry and me to sail on Oneida Lake in his 36 foot sail boat.
Because Terry cannot swim, I was surprised that Terry was very interested and really wanted to go.

Frank gave Terry his special life vest. Frank sails by himself a lot and his daughter bought him this life vest.
If he falls overboard it will inflate automatically as soon as it hits the water.

Frank and Rosa had to work today, so we did not meet at the marina until 5:30.
We did not return to the marina until the sun was ready to set.

We just arrived at the marina, and Terry is being greeted by Frank's wife, Rosa.

Rosa serving lunch in the cockpit while sailing.
We are heading at a 30 degree angle into a 5 knot starboard wind. The boat is leaning to the port side and traveling at 4 knots.

After eating we went forward and are sitting over the front bedroom.

Enjoying the sun, and the peace and quiet....

and having an Imperial beer (from Costa Rica).

Rosa is keeping an eye on Terry.
(Rosa is alongside the life ring incase Terry falls overboard.)

Frank is at the Helm.

It is time to return to the marina. Frank is taking down the main sail. The wind dropped off, so we are going to return by diesel engine.

Rosa helping to put the sail cover on.

Terry sitting in the galley. She interested in looking around below deck.

We are back and safe on land.

The boat is all secured for the night.

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