Mekker Family 2016 Reunion
KOA Grand Island, New York

We've had these reunions for many years. When we started most families had an RV or tent.
As families grew, they slowly sold the RVís and most do not want to camp by tent anymore.
So now we have been staying at KOA campgrounds because of the cabins and lodges available.

We like the KOA on Grand Island because it is about half way between Cleveland and Syracuse.
They give us a large section of the campground which has many lodges, cabins, and RV sites; and is near the pool.
This year we had attendees from as far a Las Vegas. Mekkerfest is comprised of me and my siblings, and our extended families.

Some of us stay Thursday to Monday. Some just come for Saturday. We all have fun and a lot of food.
There is always a competition of some kind (Volleyball or Basketball) between Ohio and New York.
The winners get bragging rights for the year.

To snack on before the potluck dinner: Walleye Sliders and. . . .

Steamed Clams and . . . .

Greasy Bread.

The line kept going.

The start of the potluck dinner.

As usual, more food than people.

Waiting for the line to go down.

2016 Mekkerfest
Picture taken after the potluck on Saturday. 101 happy attendies plus 3 dogs in the picture.
27 of my family are missing in the picture this year including Kenny who was sleeping in the lodge.

Sunday afternoon after most everyone was heading home, we played miniature golf.
Terry's second shot must go up over the first hill and stop before going over the second.

Oops, not hard enough. It is still rolling the wrong way!
That's Hannah in the background waiting to go to the next hole.

Luke and his family playing on the hole in front of us.

It is over and we all won!

With Luke. Getting ready to drive Go Karts.
None of the Go Kart pictures turned out. But Hannah and Carolyn won. Luke and I came in tied for last!

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