Terry's Visit to Letchworth State Park

Since 1974 our last campout of the season was at Letchworth State Park in New York. The fall colors on Columbus Day weekend were at their peak at Letchworth. It was also the last weekend that the campground was open for the season. Terry heard Luke talking to me about Letchworth and his camping schedule for the year; and remembered the name. While we were returning to Ohio from Syracuse we passed a Letchworth sign on Interstate 90. Terry asked me when will I take her to Letchworth? So I reprogrammed the GPS and away we went. I figured it would only be about six hours out of our way (included sightseeing and lunch).

Letchworth is a long and narrow park and is called “The Grand Canyon of the East.” It is 14,350 acres along the Genesee River which flows south to north. Within the park, the river flows over three major waterfalls, (upper, middle, and lower falls) one of which is 107 feet high. The cliffs, created by the river's path over thousands of years, approach 600 feet.

While sightseeing in the park we stop at the Glen Iris Inn for lunch. While eating lunch, I told Terry that I will be back. I went to the restroom and then to see if they had any rooms available. They had one room left and I took it. When I got back to the restaurant, I put the keys on the table and told Terry “I guess we will spend the night here on the third floor.” The Glen Iris Inn was the home of Mr. Letchworth, who donated the first 1000 acres to the state to be used as a park.

At the southern end of the park is a train trestle which our family always hiked to and then walked out over the gorge. The campout was not complete until we walked out on the trestle. The trestle is presently being taken down so Terry and I did not try to go on it.

Terry's first view of the gorge. It just stopped raining.

The gorge was formed by the Genesee River.

After viewing various overlooks, we made our way to the Glen Iris Inn for a quick lunch.

We decided to move in and spend a night at the inn.

Terry is waiting for me to open the door. When I turn around from where I am taking this picture...

... we have this view of the middle falls.

Driving to the south end of the park we get to view the Upper Falls.
The train trestle is in need of repair and is presently being removed and will be replaced.

Here is a picture from 2003 of my family walking out on the trestle.

Looking down at the upper falls. You can see people on the trail below. That's where I took the previous picture of the upper falls.

This viewpoint of the Middle Falls is below the Glen Iris Inn.

We get to see more of the falls from this viewpoint.

They put lights on the middle falls at night.

Our last view of the gorge before leaving for Ohio.

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