Cleveland - Punderson State Park

My first stop after leaving home was Punderson State Park near Cleveland to pick up my new copilot, Terry.

The month before, I attended a reverse raffle in Cleveland with part of Terryís family. It was a new event for me and I learned a lot about how they work. I even won some cash and a door prize! I guess that was beginners luck.

I did not take any pictures at Punderson because I have taken so many there in the past.

Our first stop after leaving Punderson was near Dayton, Ohio, to visit Judyís cousin, Ethel. We had a good time reminiscing and I had my laptop along so I showed her many pictures of Judy and our family. I forgot to take my camera along and it was 30 minutes away in the campground by the time I realized that.

At the Reverse Raffle. Standing is Terry's daughter, Linda.
Seated (L>R) Linda's children; Theresa, Rose, and Joe.

With Linda and Terry.

Terry pointing out some of her son Dan's fish, which she helps take care of.

Feeding Dan's 3 foot long shark. The tank also has two smaller sharks in it.

As soon as Terry opens the plexiglass cover the shark comes over to feed.
One of the smaller sharks is located in the bottom of the picture.

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