Memphis, Tennessee

Terry is a very big Elvis fan. She listens to his music channel every day at home on satellite radio.
So we could not drive in Tennessee without stopping in Memphis and touring Graceland.

We were very lucky. The sun was out all day when we toured Graceland. The next day it rained continuously.

Elvis was first interned in the family mausoleum at Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis. Grave robbers may or may not have attempted to break into the mausoleum in late August 1977, but three men really were jailed for criminal trespassing. After that, Elvis’s father Vernon petitioned the city to change its zoning laws so that Graceland could host a burial ground. The Meditation Garden, near the pool, became Elvis’s final resting place. He was reburied with his mother, who had predeceased him, on October 3, 1977. In addition to Elvis’ mother Gladys, his father Vernon, and his grandmother Minnie Mae, there’s a cenotaph in the Meditation Garden to Jesse Garon Presley, Elvis’ still-born twin, who remains buried in an unmarked grave in Tupelo, Mississippi.

In 2001 I took Heidi and her children to Graceland. Heidi is also a huge Elvis fan. She signed her name to the wall outside Graceland. So whenever I visit Memphis, using pictures from 2001, I find the stone she signed and put her name back on it.

While at Memphis, we also stopped to eat at B.B. Kings Blues Club. I forgot to take pictures!

Getting ready to tour Elvis' home at Graceland.

His pool parlor. Note the drapery material on the ceiling.

Listening to the self-guided audio tour while in his trophy room.

His gold and platinum records on one side of the trophy room.

One of my favorites.

Gold and platinum LP's on the other side of the trophy room.

Walking between his house and the old handball court. It is now another trophy building.

He even has gold and platinum record trophies from other countries.

In the Meditation Garden at Graceland.
This cross and pedestal marked the family plot at Forest Hill Cemetery. They were moved from Forest Hill with Elvis and his mother.
Jesus with his outstretched arms and the two angels were added at Graceland.

Viewing the graves.

Waiting for the tram to take us back.

The famous "Pink Cadillac"

Putting Heidi's name back on the same stone which she signed in 2001.

Pointing to where I put Heidi's name. I am holding pictures from 2001.

This is the section of wall where her name is located.

Terry waiting for me to get back from the wall.

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