Tampa and Florida's West Coast Visits

We stopped at Lazy Days RV in Tampa to visit friends and family who are on the west coast of Florida. I also like spending time looking at the new motor homes. Lazy Days is the largest RV dealer in the world and they have a nice campground. They have many brands and also a good selection of each brand. The units are spread out over a large area and it is handy to rent a golf cart for the day.

Our first visit was to Stan and Charlotte in Rotonda West, FL .
Stan and I worked together for many years.

Stan said that when he first moved to Florida, he hated the heat. Now, after many years, he loves the heat and can’t stand the cold.

Visiting Joe and Dottie in North Fort Myers, FL.

They use the golf cart to drive around their resort. They gave us a cooks tour of the place.

We went to Mel's Diner for dinner. It is modeled after the diner in the old TV show Alice.

While we were looking at the motor homes at Lazy Days, Terry found a stray cat.
She seemed to be more interested in the cat than the motor homes!!!

We like looking at the ones we cannot afford. This one is close to $700,000.

It's 45 feet long and has a huge diesel engine. That's our rented golf cart.

Visiting Terry's friend Joan. We were told ahead of time that she is loosing her memory and may not remember Terry.
But when she first saw Terry, her eyes lite up and she smiled from ear to ear. She hugged Terry and would not let her go.

Joan liked looking at Terry’s rings and the necklaces which Terry’s great-grandchildren, Garrett and Alivia, made for her.

It was hard to say goodbye.

Returning to Lazy Days, I decided to take a side trip to one of my favorite restaurants, The Rusty Pelican.

After having a nice meal we stopped at their fireplace for a rest.

Looking at the garden at the entrance to The Rusty Pelican.

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