Outdoor Resorts of America (ORA), Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part 1

While driving in the motorhome and talking with Terry, I realized she was not familiar with the wildlife in Florida. So I was prepared to help her learn not only the wildlife but also the plant life. She was surprised to learn that there was more than one type of Palm Tree. Well there are over 2500 types of palm trees. I only know the coconut palm by name; and that's only if it has coconuts on it!

After we set up the motorhome on the site, I introduced Terry to my friends Carol, Emma, and Jimmy. Jimmy loaned Terry his bike to use while we are here. We went for a bike ride around the resort so Terry could get familiar with where things were.

I could hardly wait to take Terry for a walk on the beach.

277 Pier Lane - My favorite site.
It is half way between the ocean and the middle pool.

On Terry's first walk on the beach we saw Jimmy (with the sun glasses on) fishing.
He just caught a fish he does not want. His friend took it off the hook and will put it back in the ocean.

As he walked to the ocean this blue heron walked behind him. Terry wanted to know what kind of bird it is.
This was the start of her intro to wildlife on the Florida coast.

As soon as the fish was thrown in to the water, the heron flew over and picked it up.

We started at the tall building (Ebb Tide) in the background. Terry wants to know how far we have to walk.
I like this time of year because of the lack of people on the beach - the snowbirds are gone!

Terry's next lesson, viewing a small Man-of-War which washed up on the beach.

Resting at the ocean pool after a 2 mile walk on the beach.
She met Brown Pelicans, Sandpipers, Willets, Ibis, Blue Herons, Man-of-Wars, and Mourning Doves.

Her first view of the sunset over the Indian River. Each sunset is different.

The sun sets behind the distant clouds.

When you zoom in, it looks a lot different.

Our second walk - We turned around at the motel seen on the left of the picture. The motel is 1.1 miles south of the Ebb Tide.

On our way back we came across this Blue Heron fishing.

Terry was surprised how close the heron let her come.

Resting after our long walk.

Sunset number two.

The sun is down.

Jimmy loaned Terry his bike to use while we are here. This was her maiden voyage. We went to Seven-Eleven for a sunday paper.

She likes the zero-gravity lounge chairs.

She hates having her picture taken. Here she is talking with Carol about covering a stool.

Another of our bike trips. She is coming up the main street in the resort.

She never rode on a bike with hand brakes. It was hard to learn, but she now knows how to stop.

Using a noodle in the middle pool. She did not think that the noodle would keep her afloat.
Once she got used to it she was jumping around like a little girl.

She only wants to be in the pool when there is no one else around.

The spa at the middle pool.
My friend Joe. I have known him for about ten years. This was the first time we talked about the Navy.
He was in a fighter squadron on the east coast while I was in a squadron on the west coast.
Both of our squadrons had the same type aircraft, F3H-2N Demons. We were both "Demon Doctors."

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