Outdoor Resorts of America (ORA), Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part 3 - Mary arrives from Alvin, Texas

After visiting Iris and Jeff in Savannah, our next big event was to welcome Mary from Texas. She is our guest for two weeks. We quickly found out that she did not like being in the sun, walking, or being in a swimming pool. So we adapted our routine to accommodate her. We taught her Yahtzee and she showed us Spider Solitaire. Terry quickly got hooked on Spider Solitaire.

In years passed, Mourning Doves built their nests in a palm tree on our site. We enjoyed watching them build the nest, sit on the eggs, and watch the new hatchlings develop. In the earlier ORA part 2, I talked about them building a nest on our site. Unfortunately, two weeks after the nest was built and she was sitting on the eggs, the nest was abandoned. I think she built the nest too shallow and too far out on the branch and the wind really made the nest shake. They usually built the nest in the crook of the branch and the trunk of the tree.

The Sea Turtle nesting season runs from May 1 to October 31. The major nest building and burying of eggs starts near the end of May. After that time you can find a nest being made every night almost every 50 yards of beach.

Whenever I have first time guests at ORA, I always try to take them to the Sea Turtle museum, and Sebastian Inlet State Park. Mary and Terry were very interested in the Turtle museum, but I forgot to take pictures. At the state park we visited the Fishermen’s Museum (I did not take any pictures here either) and we also walked out on the Jetties.

The barrier island, which ORA is on, is a narrow strip of land between the Indian River and Atlantic Ocean. It has one highway, A1A, which runs north and south. 28 miles north of ORA is the Cape Canaveral inlet and 14 miles south of ORA is Sebastian Inlet. Both inlets are manmade. We can see the missile launches from Cape Canaveral while standing on the beach at ORA. Since light travels much faster than sound, the sound of the rocket engines arrives about 6 seconds after we see the missle.

Looking at the Mourning Dove nest through the motorhome windshield.

The mate is arriving to take his turn on the eggs. The next day both doves were gone. We presently cannot see into the nest.

Watching pelicans fly over the deserted beach at low tide.
Note the ATV tracks in the sand which were left by the turtle nest volunteers. They monitor and record the nesting activity all night long.

Washing the breakfast dishes.

Resting during Mary's first sightseeing tour of Outdoor Resorts.

Standing on the catwalk under the A1A bridge which passes over the Sebastian Inlet. This cat walk is used by fishermen to fish in the inlet waters. Terry is looking at a bird she does not recognize and I can't remember it's name.

Adult Wood Stork. (I looked it up after I returned to the motorhome.)

Walking out on the north jetty. (They keep talking and missing the sights.)

Looking north we can just make out the Ebb Tide Condo (the tallest building) which is 14 miles away. ORA is next to the Ebb Tide.

Still talking!
This part of the jetty is on pillars. So you can look down through the steel grates on the deck and see the waves crashing on the pillars.

We never get tired of viewing the sunsets. A Brown Pelican is gliding low over the water.

Two ducks are heading north.

And after sunset, A picture of the mooon with my long zoom lens.

I learned how to paint toe nails....

...finger nails, and even color hair. (No pictures of the hair coloring, my hands were too dirty to use the camera!)

Having dinner at the Chart House.

Laundry Day.

Terry's first sighting of a Ghost Crab.

Ghost Crab not knowing which way to run.

Not sure who has the right-of-way; Us or the Ibis?

Reddish Egret.

After walking on the beach, it is fun to jump in the fresh water pool to relax.
There is a rain storm which is passing by us over the ocean.

Terry does not realize that her feet are not touching the bottom.

Calling to Mary and asking her to get her bathing suit on and jump in.

No, I'll just sit here in the shade and watch!

Are you sure the rain will not come this way?

This is the life! And to think that last week I did not trust the noodle!

This storm passed us just off shore. Not a drop of rain fell on us.

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