Outdoor Resorts of America (ORA), Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part 4

Having lunch with Ray and his wife, Sarah. Ray knew Terry, Mary, and me during our high school years.

Waiting for another sunset.

The sun is almost down, but the color keeps improving.

Ray stopped up to see us from Fort Pierce. We showed him around ORA.

While at ORA, we have dinner at the Charthouse every Monday. Great food, waiters...

.... view .....

... fun at the bar ....

... outstanding bartenders, John, Kim, and Kelsey!

After a good meal and fun at the Charthouse, it's time for another sunset.

This Blue Heron walked right in front of us and down the dock to do some more fishing.

Even the Brown Pelicans like the sunsets here.

Some sunsets start to color very slow.

Then get better as time goes by.

Time to quietly sit and watch. After this sunset, Terry and I will change our clothes, then head for the beach and look for nesting sea turtles.
Mary will watch TV while playing Spider Solitaire.

We found this turtle after she laid her eggs and is now heading back to the ocean.

This is the first time Terry has seen a Sea Turtle. She said it's too big and is afraid to touch her.
When you take pictures in the dark, you point the camera in the general direction and shoot. This time I cut the bottom of the turtle off.

Terry is staying back.

This one just finished laying the eggs and is covering them up. Terry is getting closer.

Behind our backs was a rising moon. It's 1:00 AM and time to go back to the motorhome.
We did not see a turtle laying eggs. So Terry wants to come back another night and try to see that.

It is time for Mary to head back to Texas. The motorhome and site are ready for Memorial Day.

Two high school BFF's.

Thanks for coming, I hope you had a good time.

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