Outdoor Resorts of America (ORA), Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part 5 - Missiles, Turtles, and more.

Today is the second attempt by Space X to launch a Falcon 9 missile which will put the Thaicom 8 satellite into orbit. The launch pad at Cape Canaveral is 28 miles away which puts it over the horizon. Therefore, we will not see the missile at ORA until is about 500 feet in the air.

Thaicom is a communications company based in Thailand. They will operate this satellite and provide communications to Western Africa, Southern Asia, and Southeast Asia.

We are standing on the beach in the shadow of the Ebb Tide. Cape Canaveral is over the horizon and a little right of center in this picture.
Both Terry and I have binoculars.

The missile is 230 feet tall and the 17 foot fairing sits on top. The Thaicom 8 satellite, which weighs over 6800 pounds, is inside the fairing.

A view of the fairing section on top of the Falcon 8 missile just before lift-off. (Picture copied from internet.)

Lift-off. (Picture copied from internet.)

I watched with my binoculars for awhile then picked up my camera.
Because of our distance from the missile, it took about 8 seconds before we heard the sound.

I zoomed in with my long zoom camera. You can see the missile.

Terry picked up the operation of the binoculars very fast. She followed the missile for a long time.

Space X is the only company in the world who brings the first stage of the used missile back for possible reuse.
This barge is about 380 miles down range and in position to receive the first stage. Besides needing a very good guidance system,
they need enough fuel left after separation from the second stage to guide and slow the descent to the barge.

This picture taken just after the first stage landed on the bargee. (Picture copied from internet.)

Our second night out looking for nesting sea turtles. We came upon this one as she headed to the ocean. Terry is not afraid to touch them any more.

Terry spotted this Loggerhead Sea Turtle about 50 yards north of us, in the dark while it was in the surf, and before it came on to the beach. We had to wait about 40 minutes before she climbed the beach, found the right spot, prepared the nest and started laying eggs.
It was well worth the wait.

She is filling the egg chamber.

It is almost full. Just after taking this picture she started to cover the eggs and nest.
There is no wind tonight and the mosquitoes are out in numbers. So we are heading back to the motorhome.

Time for water aerobics. Carol has a one hour sequence of aerobic items which she is now trying to teach Terry.

Terry is laughing because her legs do not want to cooperate. (And she is afraid of flipping over!)

Emma and Marty enjoy watching Terry do aerobics.

Sitting down and relaxing after the workout.

Jimmy and Marty enjoying 104 degree water in the hottub.

Thanks to Mary, Terry is now hooked on Spider Solitaire. (She did not know I was taking this picture.)

Now she does and is smiling!

Time for water aerobics - day two.
CCW from the left: Carol, Karen, Emma, and Terry.

Emma does whatever she wants and has a good time doing it!

It is allmost Happy Time!

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