Outdoor Resorts of America (ORA), Melbourne Beach, Florida
Part 6 - Bridge Work.

Today we walked up the causeway bridge. This bridge connects the mainland to the barrier island over the Indian River.

We started in Kiwanis Park at Geiger Point in Melbourne City on the mainland side.

We are almost on top. In the background is Indialantic on the barrier island.

We are on top. Melbourne is in the background.

The blue light marks the center of the bridge. Terry is watching some pelicans below.

I guess this pelican is resting her head.

Now he is worried about a pigeon.
The numbers (60, 62, and 64) identify clearance (in feet) between the river and bridge. The ocean tide affects the river level.

The Ebb Tide condo is the tallest building in the background, about 4 miles away.

Watching the boat traffic.

On our way back to the car.

Heading east up the causeway bridge.

At the top looking east over the barrier island.

Every time we passed this tree on A1A, Terry would comment on how beautiful it is.
So I had to stop and take a picture for her to keep as a reminder of this trip.

Every time we went to the river to see a sunset we passed the shuffleboard courts.
Terry said that she did not know how to play shuffleboard. So we could not leave ORA without having a game.
She was actually smiling while we played. She just hates to have her picture taken.

One last sunset over the Indian River.

It even looks good after it drops below the horizon.

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