Palm Coast, Florida - Visiting Iris' and Luke's Families

Irisí and Lukeís families get together for a vacation most springs. This year they rented a Condo in Palm Coast. It is about 2.3 hours north of Melbourne Beach. We decided to drive up and visit for an afternoon. The drive up took longer than planned and they were already on the beach having a fun time.

We had a good time watching the kids play on the beach and in the ocean. After leaving them we stopped in Cocoa Beach to watch a Space X missile launch. We waited for a half hour after the designated time and they announced that it would be scrubbed for the day and will try tomorrow.

Making a sand castle.

Micah liked catching Sand Crabs (or Sand Fleas depending what part of the country you are in).

This is one of his biggest.

Looking at action down the beach. Terry is hiding from the sun.

Samantha is hoping to catch a big wave.

Jeff helping Samantha in the waves.

Luke helping Sienna in the waves.

What their Condo rental looks like. They had pond view.

You could see birds and fish from the veranda.

A Great Egret fishing in the pond.

An Anhinga swimming and diving for fish.

Micah enjoying the childrens water area at the condo's family pool.

The kids playing in the pool. Terry enjoying the shade.

Taking a picture withh the grandkids. Front: L to R: Sienna, Samantha, Jaeda, JJ; Back row: Isabella, me, Micah.

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