Savannah, Georgia – Part 3 - JJ's First Communion party.

JJ's party would be in Iris and Jeff's back yard.

The afternoon before JJ’s First Communion we had to set up a canopy which Iris barrowed from Scott. We used this same canopy for Samantha’s party and should have remembered how it went together. It can be put together in a 16 or 20 foot configuration. Each time we had to guess which poles to use. We got it wrong each time. But we did get it together and had a fun time!

This time we are documenting what not to do! We thought the 20 foot configuration was 4 feet longer than the 16 foot. It isnt, it is 4 feet wider! There are two center canopy panels; one is 4 feet wider. That is the first one we picked up and put it on, then had to take it off.

We think we have the top of the canopy frame correct.

This is the correct center panel.

Adding the lower panels.

The finished canopy; with lights.

These "D" poles and not used in the 16 foot configuration.

Folding napkins and inserting knife and fork.

The work is finished and the food is in place. Time for a picture.

JJ received a boomerang for a present and it got caught up in a tree on it's first flight.
Jeff tried knocking it out with a football. After several tries, the football also got stuck!
Now they are using soccer balls to try and retrieve the boomerang and football.

This was the winning kick. It freed both the boomerang and football.

The food left after one pass of the foodline.

Monsignor James even had a good time and full tummy.

Getting ready to cut the cake.

A nice big piece. But JJ wantss the flowers in the middle!

The end to a great party and celebration.

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