Our Last Day at ORA and then Home.

It is Monday and itís time to pack up and head out. The past two months really flew by. Today I spent a lot of time getting the motorhome ready to go. Itís Monday and, as usual, we will have dinner at the Chart House. We will not return in time for sunset. We saw our last sunset for this trip yesterday.

Unfortunately, it rained off and on all day long. So we will not spend time in the pool today. But we will walk the beach and stop at Carolís for a farewell drink.

We leave tomorrow morning and will stop in Savannah for two nights to say goodbye to Irisí family.

Then on to Newport News to see Johnny; and then home to Liverpool. I will put the motorhome in storage and take Terry back to Cleveland in the car.

Terry was born in Norfolk. Her father and grandmother are buried there in Forest Lawn Cemetery. We took the time to research Forest Lawn's website and print out information to locate their graves. The information included grave numbers and map for each person showing the section they were in and an arrow pointing to the grave.

Lately, whenever I was in Kirtland and driving on route 6, I would pass a sign "to Buttermilk falls" in North Chagrin Reservation. Terry never heard of it, so this time I insisted that we check it out.

Today was an overcast and drizzly day. Our last walk on the beach was very peaceful.

Carol making drinks for our farewell. It is always nice to sit, talk, eat and drink inside while it rains outside.

Emmaís martini is too full - She has to sip it!

Hereís to a safe trip home, a healthy and safe summer, and we hope to see you next year.

Emma asked Terry if she is coming back next year. She said: "If Frank asks me, YES!"

Tom, our favorite waiter, is joking with Terry after she returned from the salad bar.

Let's hurry and eat so we can have a drink (or two) at the bar while we talk to Kim!
She makes a great Long Island Ice Tea!!!!

Back in Savannah to sample Jeff's Low Country Boil! Everything is finished except the Crab.

The Snow Crab is done. Lets eat!

No Terry, you can't have all of that!

This time I took the picture before we ate. The table (and us) will be a mess when were finished.
We even got to take a "doggie Bag" back to the motorhome for tomorrow.

When we arrived at the cemetery and parked in the section where Terry's grandmother is buried, Terry saw this headstone as soon as she got out of the car. This is her aunt and uncle; Terryís fatherís brother. The headstone behind and to the right, Ida Eaton is Terryís grandmother.
She changed her name from Malbone back to Eaton, her maiden name.

On the back of the headstone was this plaque honoring Cecil's time in WWII.

SSMB 2 was his rating and rate. Rating: Ships Service Man Barber. Rate: Second Class Petty Officer.
He was a barber but during "Battle Stations" he was probably assigned to support a gun crew.

Terry's father, Paulie Malbone, is in a section across the street from her Grandmother. Terry is pointing to his grave.

Terry is holding the map which we printed online showing where her father is located.
Terry's mother was Paulie's first wife. Ida is one of her father's later wives.

A time to reflect and say a short prayer.

Having a drink and getting ready to order a meal at the Brick Anchor Brew House. Were seated here with Johnny and Phil. Phil is the owner of the Brick Anchor. He moved here from Liverpool and is a good friend of Grace and Bob. After our meal, Johnny gave us a cooks tour of all three floors. The Brick Anchor Brew House has good food and a relaxing and unique layout.

Johnny's ship in the shipyard: USS Gerald R. Ford - CVN 78
We took too long to eat. The sun hss set and it is too dark to get a good picture.

Buttermilk Falls in North Chagrin Reservation. It only a short hike from the parking lot.

The falls isn't very much to look at. But we did go for a nice long hike in the park and found an interesting nature center.
We finished exploring the area with a tour of Squires Castle.

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