Going to Sea on the MS Caribbean Princess

The hardest part of this trip for Terry is the flying. But that is the only way to get to Florida from Ohio this time of year.
I promised her I would hold her hand all the way! Boy was that a mistake!!

I have a new smartphone and a new underwater camera which I never took pictures with.
After using them both on this trip, I found out that the smartphone needs brighter light to focus
and the underwater camera, when using flash, puts a yellow tint on the pictures.
I liked carrying around the underwater camera because is is small and fits easly into my pocket.

Our emergency muster station on the ship was in the Casino Terry took that to be a lucky omen!
During the emergency drill we could not use the elevators so we had to walk the stairs from the 12th deck to the 7th deck and back up.

Getting a perm before the trip.

Learning how to take a selfie with my new Smartphone.

Waiting for that first flight is really a pain! No, she is not crying. But almost!

We are still climbing to altitude. She is squeezing the chair arm and has her feet on the frame of the seat in front of her. (Gas and Brake I guess!) She is also squeezing the hell out of my hand. I should have taken my ring off! She did not look out the window for the whole flight.

Playing Spider Solitaire in the hotel the night before going on the ship.
This shot taken with my smartphone.

We arrived early at our emergency muster station and were able to get two seats at Terry's favorite table game, Let It Ride!
She now felt it was going to be a great cruise.

This shot taken with the underwater camera with flash.

Climbing from deck 7 to deck 12 is very tiring!

Our cabin. Cabin 314 (Terry's lucky number is 14) on the Aloha Deck.

Watching the Regal Pricess getting underway. There were six cruise ships in port.
The Regal left first and we went next.

The Regal Princess being pulled away from the dock by a tug.

The Regal is crossing in front of us and heading into the channel which leads to the ocean.
Tugs are pushing us against the pier while our ships lines are being removed.

Terry making one last phone call before leaving port.

We are in the channel heading for the ocean.

There are people on the shore waving goodbye. The wind is really blowing.

Taking a selfie with the cell phone. Someday I will get it right.

Taking a panorama at sea with the cell phone.

Terry's first try at the slots. Taken with the underwater camera without flash.

After a long day we are ready for bed in our Princess Cruise's bathrobes.

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