Visiting Mahogany Bay, Roatan, Honduras

We spent a full day at sea traveling from Florida to Honduras. It was peaceful, but the sea was little rough. Terry did have a problem, in the evening, with being a little queasy. But after a good night’s sleep and the ship stationary at the pier in the morning, she was ready to go. Roatan is an island about 40 miles off the Honduras coast.

We had a good breakfast and then rested on the veranda. Our tour for this port would be going to a nearby beach to snorkel, swim, and rest on the beach. We had the day to ourselves.

We decided to let the crowd go ahead. So we spent time just lounging on our veranda.

We are docked in Mahogany Bay. The beach which we are going to is on that little island.
There is a ski lift which will take us from the main island to that small island.

Here is a close-up of the ski lift.

The head count on the pier below is going down, so I guess it is time to go.

It feels good to be on solid land!

We are on the ski lift heading for the beach.

Our tour included the chair ride, a shady clamshell, two lounge chairs, two beach floats and snorkeling gear.

Terry wanted to take a picture of me!

She just got off the platform and is still getting used to the cold (73-75 degree) water.

I worked with her for about 5-10 minutes. She quickly learned to kick slowly with the flippers.

At first she wasn't too keen on putting her face in the water.

She found out she could tread water very easily with the flippers and did not have to hold on to me.

Hey, I can put my face in the water and I'm breathing thru this stupid pipe. Wow, I can see fish and coral.

Can you see the two fish?

We saw more than these two fish. We spent our time slowly moving around the reef.

Terry really enjoyed it. We will be doing it again in the future.

This purple fan coral was beautiful. The display on the underwater camera did not work well due to being in the air conditioned ship and coming out into the heat of Roatan. So all I could do is point it in the direction I wanted to shoot.

The ship and beach as seen from the pier which we snorkeled from.

Our Cabin.

What to do after a day of beach and snorkeling.

Our Cabin.

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