Visiting Belize City, Belize

We left Roatan and headed to Belize. We arrived in the early morning. This is the only port which we will have to tender into port. The harbor is too shallow so the ship will anchor out in the deeper water. It will take about 25 minutes to tender in.

We signed up for an airboat ride in this port.

After getting safety and operating instructions, we signed release forms and began to board the airboats.
We had a large group and required three airboats. We were loaded into the last (red) boat.

We are seated it the front row and waiting for our headsets.

We are leaving the pier and getting last minute instructions from a great crew.

We are heading out at full speed. Terry actually is smiling!

Because of the engine noise, he communicates with the boat captain and us with hand signals.

The airboats have a very small draft and can skim across the Lilly Pads without destroying them.
Terry told me she would like to pick one of those flowers. At times the water was less than 3 inches deep.

He picked a flower and talked about it's habitat. Then he knelt down and gave it to this beautiful lady.

I think she is blushing!

We saw birds all over the place. Some let us approach quite close before they flew away.

An Egret looking at the tourists.

One of the few birds I caught in flight.
Each couple was given a picture card of the local birds. The crew would hold up their card and point to it to identify a bird.

They would stop at times to show us how shallow the water was.

We went into several little ponds which had only one entrance.

Everyone kept their eyes open looking for hidden birds.

A large termite nest. Food for the birds and people!

Looking back at the entrance. They use the stick to steady the boat when stopped and to also check water depth.

Another Egret wishing we would leave!

Terry pointing out another Egret.

The guide signaling us to raise our arms and lean left to help turn the boat.
Here is a good picture of the bird card which they handed out.

Now lift your arms up and lean to the right and we will slide around this corner.

This bird was watching us but decided to leave before we flew by.

The last narrow passage before heading for home.

It is over. We had a great time!

We are back on the ship and looking at Belize from our veranda. There is a tender headed our way.

I zoomed in a little.

I zoomed in a lot. I like this high powered zoom. That tender holds over 150 people

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