Visiting Cozumel, Mexico

It was a short trip from Belize to Cozumel. We docked early in the morning.

We signed up for our tours just after booking the cruise. The tour we wanted for Cozumel was sold out so we put our names on the waitlist. Fortunately, they had enough cancellations by the second night of the cruise and we received notice that we had the tour; Scoot Coupe, Scenic Drive, Beach and Shopping. We were not interested in the shopping, but everyting else sounded great.

I gave Terry the camera and told her to take pictures. While we were in the downtown area she spent her time holding on, looking out for cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, and people running in front of us. So no pictures of us driving in the downtown area! As in most Central American countries, it takes offensive driving to get anywhere.

We had to stay in the eleven scoot coupe caravan and no passing each other. It was tough when stop lights allowed cars and busses to break into the caravan. We had to catch up or get lost.

In our Scoot Coupe (lucky number 13) and ready to see the town. Hold on Terry, here we go!
This picture taken by the tour provider.

Heading out of town on a divide road.

Our first stop.

The red car is the last in line. Ours is the dark green scoot coupe.
A Jeep followed the caravan pulling a spare scoot coupe incase one broke down. The Jeep driver is leaning against the building.

The head count on the pier below is going down, so I guess it is time to go.

This is a replica of a real Mayan ruin which is on the mainland.

This picture taken by the tour provider.

Terry is ready to move on. Please drive slower!

The coupe in front of us is leaving too much of a gap.

I think she heard me and is pulling ahead.

We stopped at a beach. Terry and I decided to walk down the beach and came across this iguana.

I put up this wall to keep Gringos out of my country!

Instead of shopping we walked around the downtown area. Came across this iguana in the square.

Go home Gringo!

We had to park illegal in this small parking lot to go shopping. We were blocking the exit to the parking lot.
We are waiting for the last driver to return and head back to the pier.

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