On the Ship

I requested early dining and a large table. We really lucked out. We were at a table with three wonderful couples. All of us are retired and “Platinum” travelers with Princess Cruise Line. Platinum means your cruising on Princess for the 6th - 15th time. We had preferred check-in (head of the line) and special benefits while onboard. My last cruise on Princess was in 1999. So I could easily compare the differences since Carnival Corporation took over Princess in 2003. The others in our group saw the changes implemented slowly or not at all.

The first couple, Tom and Millie, are from way up in Ontario, Canada, above Minnesota. They cruise a lot and were headed across the harbor to the Regal Princess after getting off this cruise.

The second couple, Roger and Ianna, (I do not remember where they were from.), have a chicken farm with over 150 chickens. It started as a hobbie. He's an ex-Marine. His wife was always asking for extra cookies to take back to the room to have with coffee in the morning. I asked Roger if he named the chickens. He laughed; then said just the important ones. He said that one jumps up on his shoulder every time he goes into the hen house. He walks around with it on his shoulder.

The third couple, Scott and Charyl, are from Florida, He was a ex-Sailor who served on Destroyers. He drank tons of coffee. I told him the ship had to pull a barge behind it loaded with coffee beans just for him.

The waitress, Shari, is from the Philippines. That wasn’t her name but it was easier to pronounce.
Her assistant was James. That wasn’t his name but it was easier to pronounce.

It seemed that our table was the first to sit down for dinner and the last to leave every night. We had a lot to talk about and laugh about!

The head waiter would stop at our table every evening to see how our food and service was. I told everyone that we should complain about something just to see what he would do. Ianna said she would complain tomorrow. When he came to the table the next day and asked how everyting was. She looked at me and I saw she was afraid to start. So I said that I have a complaint, my ice water is too cold. Then she jumped in and said her plate is too hot. Then Tom said his Lobster Tails were too big. …and we went around the table; ending at Roger, the Marine. The head waiter looked at him and asked, what is your complaint? He said that he has none. I said that he doesn’t like the table he is at. When our waitress came over and we told her what we did she said that we should have said that your waitress was too hot!

What I found very disappointing was that they allowed some men into the dining room with shorts and a t-shirt every night including formal night. It is a shame that Princess's standards have degraded so low.

The Formal Night.

Seated L>R are: Charyl and Scott; Ianna and Roger. Standing: James the assistant waiter and Shari, our waitress.

Seated L>R are: Terry and me; Tom and Millie. Standing: James and Shari.

Shari ordered extra cookies for Ianna and put them in a special wrapping.

Ianna was all set for pre-breakfast.

One of the many perks for the Platinum members is having a snack up in the Skywalker Lounge prior to dinner.
The cruise line made sure we would not have to eat dinner on an empty stomach.

Tonight it is smoked salmon, cheeses, veggies and dips, bakery, ....

We are taking pleasure in our last day on the ship.

The Skywalker Lounge is the highest lounge on the ship. It is a beautiful day and view is great.
We can see ships on the horizon and some also passing in the opposite direction.

Our last meal together. Unfortunately I only have the underwater camera on me. That darn flash!

We are back in Fort Lauderdale getting ready to leave the ship. This boat which is leaving the pier is an interesting design.
I found out later that it is a ferry (people & cars) which runs between Florida and the Bahamas.

It makes the 50 mile trip to the Bahamas in 3.5 hours.

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