Stopover in St. Louis – Casino Queen RV Campground
Riverfront on the Mississippi in East St. Louis, Illinois.

When we left Ohio, hurricane Harvey was lingering around Huston and its estimated path was north up the Mississippi toward St. Louis. So I changed our stay in St. Louis from two nights to one. They estimated that Harvey would hit St. Louis around Saturday, so we left on Friday. As it turned out, Harvey decided to head north-east toward Ohio.

When I was here in St. Louis with Johnny, there was a lot of work going on at the Gateway Arch. They actually expanded the work and made it harder to visit the Arch. The museum in the base of the arch is closed and tickets to go up in the arch are now purchased off site. After finding a parking spot, there is a long walk to purchase tickets, then a long walk to the arch. So we will put that visit off for another time.

Terry and I visited the Budweiser Brewery and also the Casino Queen's casino.

We did the brewery tour the same day we arrived. Unfortunately, when we went to the brewery I forgot my camera. So I had to rely on my smart TracFone. Most of the indoor smartphone pictures are very poor!

The casino did not have a "Let it Ride" table; so Terry had to limit her play to the Poker Slots.

The Casino campground has no grass but it does have full hook-ups and a free shuttle to the Casino.
Because we stopped at the casino after visiting the brewery we did not use the shuttle.
The casino was about 300 yards (of parking lot) from the campground.

Viewing the arch from the Casino Queen parking lot. The Mississippi river is between us and the arch.

Looking at the various beers which Budweiser brews. The display case has different beers on both sides.

Reading about Budweiser's history.

Our first stop on the tour was at the Clydesdale stable.

The wagons which are used when parading with the Clydesdales.

The Beachwood Aging Tanks. Each tank holds 3600 barrels of beer.
The Beachwood chips are displayed for the tour in the small cylinder.

These are the stainless steel mash tanks where the brewing process begins. Ground barley malt is mixed with water.
Milled rice is mixed with water in a cooker. The rice is boiled and combined with the malt in the mash tank.

I did not count the tanks, but there were tanks on top of tanks.

Waiting at the famous Budweiser clock tower for our return to the visitor’s center and the beer garden for a cold Bud.

It is almost closing time at the visitor's center and we are ready to head to the casino.

Terry showing her winnings! She did not mind me taking this pictue!
It is the first time she ever smiled while knowing I was taking a picture.
I guess I know where her heart is. Let's see if she smiles at any of the National Parks.

The sun is setting and all is quiet.

Terry is still trying to beat our tied record on Spider solitaire.

I just missed it!!!

Goodnight from East St. Louis - Tomorrow on to Kansas.

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