Driving up Pikes Peak
Garden of the Gods RV Resort - Colorado Springs, Colorado.

There are two ways for us to get to the top of Pikes Peak: the COG railway or drive the 19 mile long Pikes Peak toll road.

Today is the day we drive up Pikes Peak. The Garden of the Gods RV Resort is 6,125 feet above sea level and is directly east of Pikes Peak. We can see the peak from the resort. Pikes Peak is 14,115 feet above sea level. We have to drive part way around the base of Pikes Peak to the toll road. The toll road starts at 7,800 feet, and wiggles its way up the west (far side from GOG) side of the mountain. The road had many very tight 180 degree switchbacks.

The visibility today on top was not the best. However it is much better than yesterday when the mountain was covered with clouds most of the afternoon.

Like most scenic highways, there were many scenic stops along the 19 mile road. We only stopped at a few.

We stopped at the Crystal Reservoir (9,160 feet) where there was a statue of Big Foot.

This placard is located near the Big Foot Statue.

It is interesting to see a dam and reservoir at 9,160 feet above sea level.

Terry is looking for Big Foot!

We made it to the top. Terry is having a hard time breathing due to the altitude.

On a clear day we would be able to see Garden of the Gods below. Today it is too misty below. But very sunny on top.
The tracks in the forground are for the COG railway. The center rail is for the cog wheel.

Somewhere below is our campground.

The train is arriving at the top.

On busy days they add a third car.

At this altitude it is too hard to walk around and breath.

The monument behind Terry is dedicated to Katharine Lee Bates.

She conceived the words to "America the Beautiful."

On the way down we stopped to take in a view.

This is what the road looks like near the top. All 19 miles are in very good condition.
We did pass several bikers peddling their way up to the top.

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