Garden of the Gods- Part 2
Garden of the Gods RV Resort - Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This is our third day here. We will explore a part of GOG which we haven't seen and then head back to the motorhome to do laundry. We leave tomorrow for Grand Junction, Colorado.

This is a telephoto picture of the Siamese Twins taken from the road which winds through GOG.
We are driving to a nearby trailhead and plan visit the twins. Terry is doing well hiking the medium trails.
This trail will be a moderate 1/2 mile loop, offering a unique view of Pikes Peak framed by the twin red rock towers.

On the Siamese Twins trail. Pikes Peak is the brown peak in the distance. At 14,115 feet, it is above the tree line.

This is not a smooth trail.

I think my foot is stuck!

We made it to the twiins.

The Siamese Twins.

A view of Pikes Peak through the hole between the twins.

A view of the back side. The rocks on the lower section of the twins are not as red.

On our way back to the parking lot.

We pass more interesting rock formations.

It is mainly down hill on the way back.

We passed this bird hiding in the shade.

Terry is resting and enjoying the view.
This is the last section of GOG we visit before heading back to the motorhome.
I took the earlier telephoto shot of the Siamese Twins from this spot.

It is a great view and a peaceful rest stop.
The formation on the left is one we climbed part way up from the other side.

Do we have to go back and do the laundry?

I can stay here all day.

Pick me up when you finish the laundry.

Terry wanted to take a picture of me.

Out to dinner to celebrate a successful visit to Colorado Springs and the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak.

In the downtown area of Colorado Springs they have artists paint the traffic light control boxes.

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