Canyonlands National Park
Portal RV Resort, Moab, Utah.

Stopping at Moab gives us easy access to Canyonlands NP, Dead Horse Point State Park, and Aches NP.

It is also possible to visit Mesa Verde NP and Four Corners Monument from here. But it would take about 11 hours for the round trip.

Portal RV Park seems to be the nicest place to stay in Moab.

After visiting Colorado National Monument, Canyonlands and Dead horse Point was more of the same. The temperature was in the low nineties and much too hot to hike any trails.

Our campsite at Portal RV Resort.

In the Canyonlands NP gift shop, Terry saw this bandna forsale on the wall.
Does anyone in Terry's family reconize the man in the center?

Our first viewpoint in Canyonlands NP.
The brown forms are what is left of a brown layer after many years of erosion. They sit on a harder tan layer.

Terry walking around the viewing area. The sign warned about rattlesnakes and she does not want to go near a bush.

This tree's trunk looks like the tree should be dead.

Terry did not want to leave the car. So she stayed at the car with my old camera and I went to the rimís edge with my newer camera.

I showed her how to zoom in and she was able to do it with no problem.

Terry is in front of the dark blue car.

Heading back to the air-conditioned car.

This time she walked with me to the edge.

She was asking a question. Or was she saying "that's a big hole!"

More of the canyon.

Another interesting tree.

Looking down into the canyon and I was telling her about the jeep & ATV trails.
Then I noticed a couple of pickup trucks on the trail trail below.

She could not see them.

So I Zoomed in and watched them set up camp.

More of the same.

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