Mesa Verde National Park
Portal RV Resort, Moab, Utah.

The drive to the Mesa Verde Visitor Center from Moab was about 2.5 hours. We wanted to take a tour of a ruins and had to buy a tour ticket. The earliest tour available was not for 2 hours. It took over 1 hour to drive down into the park from the Visitor Center to the meeting point for the tour. So we drove around a loop which had viewpoints of other smaller ruins.

We had a 1 hour tour of the Cliff Palace. It is the largest cliff dwelling in Mesa Verde. The 1 hour included descending 100 feet down and back up on ladders.

If ther was a horizontal section in the canyon wall which they could build a dwelling they did it.

The Cliff Palace as viewed from the observation platform.

Waiting on the viewing platform for the tour to start.

Going down. These stairs are not too bad.

It is getting narrow.

We are at the bottom of the stairs and now have a flat walkway. The ruins are in sight.

What is this, we came down too far and have to go up this ladder!

Our National Park Ranger tour guide tell us some history and some rules.

They had to cut all these stones, carry them up from the canyon below or down from up above, set them in place and hope they would not fall.
The buildings have lasted for over 700 years. The floors were made of wood and have rotted away.

They built in every available space.

That's the observation platform (100 feet up) where we started.

This guy was wondering why everyone was so interested in these old buildings.

The steps leading up.

The steps got narrower and steeper.

And we had to climb around boulders.

Three more ladders and we are out.

We made it!!!

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