Arches National Park
Portal RV Resort, Moab, Utah.

If you only have time to visit one park in Moab, it should be Arches. We saved this park for our last day and unfortunately it was 90 degrees, bright sun, and very little wind. We knew in advance that there was major road construction in the park and some areas were closed. We were prepared for the worst, but everything was handled very well and we had a good time. The park closed at 7 PM every night and opened at 7 AM every morning. So the major work was done at night.

The waiting line to get into Arches was very long. Canyonlands was very short. I guess that tells us which most people prefer. The sights at Arches can be divided into two categories: Rock Formations and Arches.

Driving in from the park entrance the road has many switchbacks and climbs over 400 feet. You then see the first of many rock formations. The rock formations have official names; but we preferred to first look them over and decide what we think they look like. We were never close.

We only went on two trails: Delicate Arch Viewpoint trail and trail to Pine Tree Arch.

Park Avenue.
There were also more of the same on the left side.

Three Gossips

The Courthouse Towers

Tower of Babel

Balanced Rock


Our first hike, the trail to Delicate Arch Viewpoint. - This is the type sign which was at all parking lots and trailheads.

Viewing from the Lower Viewpoint was not that great.
I told Terry that I would hike part way up to the Upper Viewpoint and take a picture.

I was part way up and noticed that Terry started to follow me. (white hat and aqua top below)

This guy was watching us pass by.

The view from up here was great.

The arch was across a deep canyon with sharp drop-offs from this viewpoint.

The Delicate Arch - It is the most famous arch in the Park. It is on Utah auto license plates.
People at the arch had to hike 3 miles (round trip) up the back way. They had to climb 480 feet in 90 degree heat.

Our second hike started at the Devils Garden Trailhead. We only hiked as far as Pine Tree Arch.

It is cool between the rock walls and out of the sun.

Unfortunately, this is where the shade ended.

The Tunnel Arch. We passed this arch on the way to Pine Tree Arch.
There is a smaller tunnel arch up and to the left of the big arch.

Terry resting in the shade.

Right behind Terry was this arch.

Back on the trail.

At last - Pine Tree Arch.

A closer look at Terry.

North Window Arch. As viewed from our car. Our hiking is over for the day.

This is another interesting formation. The start of more arches.
On the left is Double Arch.

Double Arch has three legs. I zoomed in for this shot. You can see people under the arch.

This formation is called Parade of Elephants.

More of the Parade of Elephants.

It really looks like an Elephant.

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