Bryce Canyon National Park
Rubys Inn & RV Park, Bryce NP, Utah.
20 Days and 2,507 miles from home.

The drive from Moab to Bryce was very interesting - a good part was on Interstate 70. There is a 106 mile stretch on I-70 which has no services. (No Gas or Food, or Restrooms….) All of the exits are for roads going to ranches which you cannot see. So filling up with gas in Moab is a must. Being in the motorhome we had everything else.

The view at Bryce Canyon NP is very unique and beautiful. Looking at the various formations leaves a lot to the imagination.

The temperature is much cooler here, but with the high elevation, Terry is hiked out.
So our viewing will be from the car and roadside viewpoints.

Terry wanted to take a turn driving. She does very good on the Interstate. Not sure about city yet.

The road was nice and straight and the hills were not bad.

Every now and then it cut through a mountain.

Terry's first look at Bryce. Did I say it was on the cool side?

The colors are really bright when the sun is shining. The vertical columns are called Hoodoos,

There are some great trails which lead down to the valley.

I told Terry that I wanted to hike down for about a half hour and take some picture.
So she stayed at the viewing stand and tried to watch me go down.
Here are some of the pictures from the trail to Queens Garden.

I am sure that these hoodoos have a name. I did not buy a trail book which would explain them.

Here are a bunch of switchbacks which drop you down this steep slope.

The trail leads past that white hoodoo below.

Thor's Hammer.
After you pass Thor's Hammer the trail leads you down into the Queens Garden.
In the garden is a hoodoo which looks like a sitting Queen Victoria.

This is where I turn around and head back up to Terry.

Terry is on the viewing platform which is the highest point in the center of the picture.

Zooming in for a better view. She is not even looking my way!

We went farther south in the park to see the Natural bridge. We are over 8,800 feet elevation and it is cool!

Natural Bridge

On the way back from Natural Bridge we passed this meadow. Off in the distance I could see two Pronghorns feeding about 200 yards away.
I zoomed in and got this picture so Terry could see what they looked like. While driving the motorhome on this trip I would see Pronghorns but by the time I told Terry, she was only able to get a very short glimpse and thought they were deer.

As I was turning to leave I noticed this male Pronghorn in the shade looking my way.
He was a good 200 yards away and zooming in without my tripod the picture is not sharp.

Reviewing the menu while waiting for the Bryce Canyon Lodge restaurant to open for dinner.

Having Buffalo for dinner.

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