Zion National Park
Willow Wind RV Park, Hurricane, Utah.
23 Days and 2,628 miles from home.

State highway 9 passes east-west through a fairly long tunnel in the southern part of Zion National Park. The center of the tunnel is 13' 1" high and the sides are 11' 4" high. For large RV's and Buses they have to stop traffic and allow only one way travel while the RV or Bus drives down the center line.

There is only one trail which I would like Terry to do. The Zion Canyon Overlook Trail starts just east of the tunnel and provides a great viewpoint of Zion valley at the end of the trail. It is mile long and has a 163 foot rise. We will take our time and rest as often as Terry would like. The view at the end is well worth the hike.

We drove through the tunnel and parked the car. We are now started on the Zion Canyon Overlook Trail.

There are a few switchbacks to start the trail.

The trail is fenced where there are sharp drop-offs.

There were a few spots where the overhang provided shade.

It was nice and cool under here.

At times the trail was very narrow.

Leaving the shade tree after a short rest.

This V-notch is narrower than the width of your foot.

You never know what is around the next bend.

It is hard to look at the scenery when you are always looking down.

We are almost there.

We made it! Zion Canyon Overlook.

Now I have the time to look around and see the sights.

Zooming in on the Alter of Sacrifice.

She really liked the view and was happy she did the hike. Now for the hike back down.

This was the hardest part of the trail.

I do not remember passing this tree on the way up.

It is so dry here but this wll is wet.

I do not remember passing these flowers on the way up.

It is easier on the way down.

Another interesting rock formation.

We are on a shuttle which will wind through the narrow canyon.

While on the shuttle we saw these two climbing the wall. Picture taken while shuttle was moving.

You can see how narrow the canyon is getting.

Resting alongside the river before returning to the shuttle.

I set the camera down and had it pointed straight up.

One last viewpoint before we head back to the motorhome. There is a small stone bridge up on the mountain.

It was hard to see with the naked eye. This was zoomed x32.

Goodbye Zion NP.

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