Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon RV Village, Grand Canyon, AZ
Trip Stats: 30 Days - 3,040 miles on Motorhome

g bull.
I waited too long to finalize the plans for this trip. All of the National Park campgrounds were completely full when I called for reservations. The Grand Canyon RV Village is a private campground just outside of the National Park. It was 1.5 miles to the south entrance station.

We attended Mass at El Cristo Rey Catholic Church which is located in the Grand Canyon Village in the Park. It's a small chapel, with a very good pastor and almost no regular parishioners. The regulars would be employees at the National Park. We went to 8:30 Mass on Sunday morning and had to go around Elk who were grazing roadside in the village. Iím sure, when they looked at us, they wondered why we were up so early!

Like Zion and Bryce, the best way to get around the Grand Canyon is using the free shuttle system. Thatís assuming you can find a parking spot at the visitors center.

It was very cool and windy our first day. So we stopped at the Geology Museum which is enclosed and has big picture windows overlooking the canyon. It has interesting exhibits which explain the different layers/time periods which can be seen. That way you are not just looking at a big hole in the ground. It also has plenty of parking.

Look, Terry is smiling for the camera!

As we left the museum we saw several Elk walking through the parking lot.
By the time I got my camera out I only was able to picture the big bull.

Looking down on the Bright Angel Trail which leads down to the Colorado River.
The green patch in the center is called Indian Gardens.

I zoomed in on the trail and you can see a hiker walking.

The trail leads to this footbridge which crosses over the Colorado River. There are many hikers who hike "Rim to Rim" (north rim-south rim). The canyon is 10 miles wide at this point and 1 mile deep. The floor of the canyon is about 20 degrees hotter than at the rim. There is no shade except at Indian Gardens.

Here is the North Rim Lodge, it is 10 miles away. Itís where you would start or end your Rim to Rim hike.

At one time, two brothers mined copper in the canyon. You can see 3 mine holes in the picture right of center.

As the copper yield dropped off they decided that making money off visitors would pay more and quit mining.

It is really a beautiful sight.

And it drops straight down from this wall.

Visiting the old indian watch tower.

Neither Terry nor I remembered this accident. I looked it up on Google and they really have a good description of what happened.
It forced improvement in our air control and also caused the FAA to be established.

Terry is sitting on the patio of the small gift shop/Museum.

She is still smiling!

As we walked the Rim Trail we looked over the wall and saw this Mule deer.

It is our last day here and we decided to eat lunch at the El Tovar Hotel.

Arizona Beef & Mushroom Stroganoff - It was great.

I have my lunch for tomorrow. Let's go.

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