Making Hungarian Kolbasz

Our family tries to make Hungarian Kolbasz during the Februaryís winter break. This year we did not seem to have the time to get together. So here we are in March and during the NCAA March Madness.

We were able to assemble a good group to help. In fact, I was able to assign all of the tasks and I was left with nothing to do! Darn!

I did make a spreadsheet of the orders and I ordered and pick-up the pork shoulder. I just walked around and watched my happy family do the work! Iím blessed!

We start with coarse ground pork shoulder.

Terri adds our secret Hungarian spices.

Start to mix the spices into the VERY COLD meat.

Heidi, todays Garlic girl, minces the garlic and puts in the blender with warm water.

Garlic and water into the meat and then more mixing. Adding water makes stuffing the casing a lot easier.

Terri is mixer number 1.

Frank is mixer number 2.

He only smiles when the camera is on him. Even with the warm water, the pork is still very cold.

Our packaging department is eagerly waiting for their turn in the production line.
AJ is labeling the date and desired weight on the empty vacuum bags.

Grace has the responsibility to make sure we package the correct number of 1, 1.5, and 2 pound bags.

Checking the tape measure for estimating the weight.
The weight is dependent on how stuffed the casing is and it's length.

Bob has to keep the casing stuffers supplied with pork.

Zac keeps the stuffing machine full. Jonathan keeps even pressure on the meat.
Chris controls how stuffed the casing is and how long to make it.

I'm just walking around and trying to stay out of trouble.
In the TV in background has the Syracuse women's NCAA first round basketball game playing.

A pause in the production line.

Pausing while Jonathan and Chris put more casing on the stuffing tube.

The production line is up and running again.

Ameigh weighs the sausage. We make the 2 pound orders first. If it is too heavy some meat will be removed.
If too light we will remove more meat and package it as a 1.5 pounder.

When the weight is within .04 pounds without removing any meat a cheer goes up.
I think todays record was +.003 pounds without removing any meat.

AJ holds the vacuum bag open and Ameigh drops the Kolbasz into it.

Checking on the packaging department.

Maria makes sure the sausage is properly rolled in the package and cuts the bag to size.
Then hands it off to Faith, who runs the vacuum machine.

This is the last of the 90 pounds to be mixed.

The last of the 90 pounds!

As you can see, everyone is enjoying themselves.

A neatly packaged and vacuum sealed two pounder.

The mixing is over and Frank can enjoy some wine.

We are finished. Jonathan is making Kolbasz sliders with the leftover meat for the workers.

We can't wait!

Clean-up is finished and we get to sit around and enjoy the sliders.

A feeling of accomplishment.

They always catch me with my mouth full.

Thanks to Grace and Heidi, the photographers.

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