Sightseeing at Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island about midway up the Maine coast. It is an interesting and beautiful area with plenty to do. The shoreline water temperature is cold and a breeding ground for lobsters, mussels, and good eating fish.

There are hiking trails (from easy to strenuous) which usually end up on top of a hill with great views. Cyclists can ride on the carriage trails which wind through the National Park. Or you can just motor along the loop road and stop at the various scenic overlooks.

No trip to Acadia is complete without driving (or hiking) up to the top of Cadillac Mountain. Besides having great views of Frenchman Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, it is the first place which the rising sun touches the United States. When we were younger we did sit on top of Cadillac Mountain to watch the sun rise.

Terri, Kenny, and Chobe on top of Cadillac Mountain. with Bar Harbor and Frenchman Bay in the background.

Terry and me resting on top of Cadillac after the drive up!

One of the scenic overlooks along the rocky coastline. Sand Beach is in the background.
The water temperature is in the low fifties so only the "polar bears" go in and only for a very short time.

It is very peaceful just to sit, relax, and look at the ocean surf.
You can see the buoys (white specks) in the water which are attached, by rope, to lobster traps resting on the ocean floor.

It is a beautiful but windy day.

Thunder Hole. The waves or swells come in to this little channel and hit against a rock wall. It makes a loud thundering noise.
The tide and swells have to be just right to really hear a loud Boom. It was just so-so for us today.

This is a picture of a swell which just hit the wall.

Isabella, Micah, Jaeda, and Sienna, getting ready to climb the 520 foot Behive (the peak in the background).

It sure is a long way to the top!

We made it!

Waiting for a table and Pop Overs at the Jordon Pond House.
The North (872 ft.) and South (766 ft.) Bubbles are in the background. They climb them also.

Billy, Jessie, Luke, and Carolyn having a peaceful snack. - The kids are all alone at the next table.
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