Camping at the Bar Harbor/Oceaside KOA on Mount Desert Island

The campgrounds in the National Park are very limited to RV size and facilities for RV's. The Bar Harbor/Oceanside KOA was selected because they have lodges for those without RVís. This KOA also has family programs and a free shuttle to Bar Harbor. The kids really enjoyed the family programs. Terri and Kenny did use the free shuttle.

One thing to note - this campground was not near Bar Harbor or the ocean. But it was on the Mt Dessert Narrows which connects to the ocean. There is no campground near Bar Harbor.

Terri and Kenny did not get their motorhome until it was almost too late to make reservations. So they had to switch campsites midway through their stay.

The weather was very interesting. Most days required the air conditioner and the nights required a heater.

Kenny resting outside his camper. It was a very quiet and peaceful location....

Until the train came by escorted by the kids on bicycle.

Half the kids on the train are from our group.

Billy moving the "portable" grill from his lodge to Kenny's site to help fix dinner.

Tonightís meal will start with Kennyís famous Clam Chowder.

Helping prepare for the fried Oneida Lake Walleye.

Helping prepare the fish which our group caught today.

Billy serving Terry a dish of Kenny's Mussels Marinara.

Its Lobster Time.

Each of the kids had their favorite Lobster.

Getting ready to give Kenny the lobster.

Here is the Lobster for Luke's family.

Luke's families batch is ready. Sieanna is wondering why the color changed.

Sienna is wondering how you eat it. Jaeda is saying just pick it up and chew it!

Kenny showing the kids how to drop a parachute off his motorhome. Billy throwing it back up.

Terri and Micah enjoying the view from the top of her motorhome.

Terry enjoying the sunset, the heat of the fire, and a cold drink.

Kenny, Terry, and Terri enjoying the end to another great day.

It seems that when you have a full day, the evenings are always peaceful.

While the parents are outside enjoying the fire, the kids are inside enjoying TV.

Sophie, Jaeda, Billy, and Evelyn in Terri & Ken's motorhome.
It's the best place to hang out because you get to watch TV and walk Chobe....

... and there are always snacks available. - Bella, Madie & Sienna.

You can't visit Bar Harbor without stopping in a restaurant.

Kenny, Terri, Luke, Carolyn, Terry, and me.
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